If you have a complaint, the following notes set out the procedure which we will follow in dealing with that complaint.

Mr R Horton has been appointed in this office to deal with complaints in the first instance, and you should notify him, in writing, of any complaint you have. His contact details are:

Mr R Horton, 103 The Broadway, Thorpe Bay, Essex, SS1 3HQ. Tel: 01702 311 039.

Where your complaint is initially made orally, you will need to send him a written summary of your complaint. This avoids any misunderstandings when the complaint is made orally in the first instance.

Once we have received the written summary of your complaint, we will contact you within 10 working days to inform you of our understanding of the circumstances leading to your complaint.

Within 21 working days of receipt of your written summary, the person dealing with your complaint will write to you, in order to inform you of the outcome of the investigation, and to let you know what actions, if any, have been, or will be taken. Some complex complaints may require a more detailed investigation beyond the 21 working days target. Where there are clear and justifiable reasons for extending the timescales, the Company will set time limits for the extended investigation subject to agreement with the complainant.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our response to your complaint, you should contact:- Mr M V Gray, 103 The Broadway, Thorpe Bay, Essex, SS1 3HQ. Tel: 01702 311 132. He will undertake a separate review of your complaint and contact you within 14 working days to inform you of the conclusion of his review.

In the event that the final review, as detailed above, still fails to satisfy your complaint, then you are at liberty to have the matter referred to The Ombudsman Service Ltd, whose information will be provided by this Company. You are also entitled to have your complaint referred should we fail to deal with your complaint matters expeditiously i.e. within the time frame set out above.