Where’s the Summer gone? Buy your own little ray of sunshine ahead of next summer – become part of BEACH HUT REGISTER

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A beach hut is a uniquely British experience and one of the simple pleasures of a seaside holiday at home.

The popular seaside locations here in Southend, typically along Thorpe Esplanade and Shoebury Common Road are extremely popular and often get ‘snapped up’.

Looking ahead for next summer and inconjunction with a number of enquiries from potential hut seller’s and buyer’s, we are starting a Beach Hut Register. Depending on the instructions of the hut owner, we may either auction or sell on the open market and this will be the quickest way to notify interestred buyers.

If you would like to be added to the register, simply click here and we will add your details to our list. If you wish to be included for free text messages on any potential beach hut sales coming into the market, please include
your mobile number in the subject bar.